Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trip to Olympia

This afternoon, myself, a few friends, and some family all went up to Olympia to check the place out, and to do some shoppin'. The goal was to go to Espresso Parts, and then check out some of local coffee scene.

So its 1:15pm when we arrive at the Espresso Parts store/warehouse/headquarters, which is easier to find than what map quest tells you. We do a little shopping, but defer purchases until after lunch, as we need to browse much longer. We have lunch at the BBQ place next door, which is very good. After lunch we head back over to EPNW and make some large purchases, wooden portafilter handles and cupping supplies for me. A Filtron and ceramics for my friends, but somehow my discount went down to 10%, so we where rather disappointed, as I have always gotten 20% off. But, complaints aside, the people at EPNW are awesome.

When we where leaving EPNW we noticed a red vertical coffee sign on the back half of building, so we figured that we would check it out. Little did we know that it housed Olympia Coffee Roastings newest cafe, we where happily surprised. Many comment on how nicely understated the entryway was, no giant garish neon or scrolling led signs in the front windows, just a simple open sign.

I do have to say we where very impressed at the nice build-in and all the nice custom elements that where added to the cafe to give it the little 'extra' nicety that you don't get with most cafes. I will let the photo's I took speak for themselves, the place is awesome. and the wood choices are excellent.

After this cafe, the other two where somewhat of a letdown, Bandorf & Bronsons cafe, and Cafe Vita. Cafe Vita was good, it was just the fact that their coffee tasted dirty and over extracted, otherwise they where near perfect. Batdorf & Bronson, well, I will not go into too much, suffice to say, I will never, ever, go to any of their stores again if it's up to me, they were bad in nearly every category, mostly cleanliness.

So I do have to say that Olympia is a well off coffee town, definitely worth a visit or three. Especially Olympia Coffee Roastings Cherry street cafe, they're great.

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