Wednesday, August 22, 2007


My new home, gone from Denver, far from Portland, is the State of Maryland, city of Laurel. This is where I will be starting my consult in earnest. After doing consulting on the side for many years, I will now begin doing it full time. But first, I must get the lay of the land, get to know the coffee community and get it active. I will start a monthly mini barista jam/throw down/get together, and let the people get to know each other as they do in more coffee developed communities.

My first order of business was to go to the shop's I know, which is Spro and Murky, the two palce I know that are decent. At Spro, I meet Jay, who is awesome, and the coffee was good, Nick's place was not so great, but I will try his other store, just to be fair. Now all I have to do is find all the others, which will be a challenge, but a fun one indeed.

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